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Here in the westcountry, sprint-racing is almost as popular as speed-hillclimbing. The format of the sport is very much the same - one car at a time against the clock - the main difference being the obvious one, that sprint-racing is run on the flat. It suffers from the same problem as most local motorsport - a lack of suitable venues that are accessible to the public.

The Newquay Auto Club were very fortunate. For many years now they had access to the old St Eval airfield and all that it has to offer. Many different tracks have been used at the venue and almost all of them have allowed the competitor nearly 2 miles per run and also allowed speeds well in excess of 100mph.  Sadly, the final event was run in 2011 - the MOD sold off the land for development.  Below are a few pics taken on August 4th 1991, just to whet your appetite or click on the mirror for a full report of en event run a couple of years earlier.             



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