From the 1960's to the early 90's, Autocross, racing on grass, was very popular in the the south west as a relatively inexpensive form of club motorsport. Some people used it as the first stepping stone to other types of racing, while some remained loyal for the duration of their career. 

Below are some of the cars and characters that entertained reasonable sized crowds at a few of the many venues in the region.

Steve Cozens, the 1985 ASWMC champion, with his distinctive green, white and yellow colour scheme which emblazoned every car he drove

Later to move on to rallycross, Mike Turpin was hugely successful in the region with his various "specials"

Paul Watts, who later took to rallying and even the RAC Rally, was a keen organiser and competitor for the South Hams Motor Club

Phil Kempthorne, loyal to autocross for many years, pictured here at Sugworthy in July 1991, two years after taking the south west title.

The wise man of autocross, Ron Easton, held the SW title in 1982 long after most would have retired and still continued racing well into the 1990's

Forever at the wheel of a mini, Paul Prescott from Bournemouth, showed the rest a clean pair of heels in 1982

Roger Coles from Plymouth holds memories of a pipe and a sheepskin coat as well as a very smooth driving style.

Pictured at Smithaleigh, in July 1988, Roger Suckling in the days before designing and building his very successful  specials.

Neil Gillard, ploughing at Sugworthy, after putting the village of Ugborough on the motorsporting map in 1988 when he took the SW championship.

Phil was not the only Kempthorne who could create a dust cloud. This was Gerry Kempthorne at Sugworthy in June 1988.

Sugworthy, High Bickington, is the only purpose built autocross circuit in the region. Roger Coles and Arthur Marks leaving the start in July 1989

The familiar gait of a Kempthorne Mini - this was Phil in his championship year.

South West champion in 1980 and 81, Pete Maslen was still bringing his skills and speed to North Devon in 1991.

A young Tim Knight testing the water of motorsport in August 1988 at one of the many highly rated South Hams race meetings.

Malcolm Frame and his very quick Alfa Romeo special  in action at a dry dustySmithaleigh in July 1989.

Steve Furzeland, John Sampson and Dave Evans relaxing between races at Sugworthy on a very hot, sunny day in June 1992.
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