Tregrehan Hillclimb
March 31st 1991
25 Years
On the debut of his latest acquisition, a BDA-powered March 79B, Barry Groombridge drove to his first FTD of the season. With no less than six drivers all within a second of each other at the top of the leaderboard, Groombridge was under severe pressure. Trying even harder on his second climb, he failed to negotiate the final hairpin and had to be content with his first run result. Former South West speed champion Don Statton (Pilbeam MP45) took second place overall from the Ehrlich-BDA of Keith Richards by just 0.01s. A late challenge from Roger Jordan ended with a high-speed spin on the long right hinder; causing considerable damage to the nose of his Chevron B42. 

There were a number of close battles in the 17 divisions that now go to make up the 1991 ASWMC class structure.  Paul Brend and Charles Gracewood were tying at half with their Minis in the 1400cc road saloon section, with the former finally taking the laurels by 0.02 of a second. Less than a third of a second separated the first three in the 1800cc road saloons after class favourite Roy Bray’s Mkl Escort succumbed to a rather bad misfire on its first run and lost its way onto the grass verge second time up. 

Carburettor troubles on John Forsyth’s Mallock Mk24B forced the Bournemouth Refrigeration boss into second place in the unlimited Sports Libre section; beaten by the Mallock Mkl7B of employee Tim Pitfield by a margin of just two hundredths.
BTD:  Barry Groombridge  1.6 March 79B 
Class Winnners
Paul Brend  1.3 Mini Cooper 
Gerald Balch  1.8 Ford Escort 
Graham Heathman  2.0 Ford Escort 
Adrian Bence  1.3 Westfield SE 
Richard Earle 1.7 Lotus 7 S2 
Steve Hillson  1.6 Ford Escort 
Steve Snell  1.3 MG Midget 
Paddy Keates  1.3 Mini 
Tim Pitfield  1.6 Mallock Mkl7B 
Mike Brend  1.1 Jedi Suzuki 
Gary James  2.0 Sark Starfire 

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