Tregrehan Hillclimb
April 16th 1995
Eddy's Day
The rhododendrons and the spring flowers made Tregrehan Park a great place to be on Easter Sunday for the Carnon Downs Garden Centre Hillclimb. Add to that a good varied entry of racing cars all getting one practise and four class runs, plus a rather large crowd, and, as a bonus, a very gripping track with a cool atmosphere, and it all makes for an excellent day’s motorsport.

It would have been difficult to forecast FTD, because the favourite, Mike Lee was unable to use his course record holding car due to major engine damage and was sharing a drive in Greg Wood's Mallock, while, second favourite, past course record holder Simon Ashley had sheared his drive shafts in practice.

To the fore came Eddy Simpson and his, then, 25 year old Nike single seater who posted an unbeatable 18.84s run first climb in the presence of the car’s designer and builder, Ken Nichols, and also Eddy’s daughter Abby, who was enjoying her debut hillclimb. The track seemed to slow somewhat as the day progressed and most of the best times were made during the early afternoon.

In the early classes, the usual suspects reigned supreme with class winning drives from Eddie Hollier and Mark Shillaber, while two class records were broken when John Meredith lowered his personal record in the large Road Saloon Class and Rob Williams broke Richard Earle's record in the small capacity Road Sports Class.

In the next two classes, Trevor Norman and Roy Bray did what comes naturally, with their respective mounts, the Astra and Escort Cosworth, taking class victories – Trevor being just a smidgen outside his own class record. Phil Isaac got to within three 100ths of a second of Steve Snell’s mark in the Thule Roof Racks-backed MG Midget; Jonathon Williamson got interestingly close to his class record and there were victories too for Mike Tregoning, John Spenceley, Peter Flamank, Martin Perry in his amazing-looking Anglia 105E.
FTD     Eddy Simpson  1.6 Nike Ford 
Class Winnners
Eddie Hollier  1.4 Mini 
Mark Shillaber  1.7 Ford Fiesta 
John Meredith  2.0 Sierra Cosworth 
       20.40s (R)
Rob Williams  1.6 Westfield SEi   20.82s (R)
       20.82s (R)
Paul Haimes  3.5 Morgan +8 
Trevor Norman  1.3 Vauxhall Astra 
Richard Earle  1.7 Lotus 7 
LeRoy Bray  2.0 Ford Escort Cosworth 
Phil Isaac  1.4 MG Midget 
Jonathan Williamson  3.2 Porsche 911 Carrera 
Mike Tregoning  2.0 Escort Cosworth 
John Spencley  0.5 Spenceley Special JAP 
Peter Flamank  1.0 RBK 
Martin Perry  1.6 Ford Anglia 105E 

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