Tregrehan Hillclimb
April 3rd 1994
Bray Slides to Victory
“Give it some wellie!”, is a phrase I could easily have used, and probably did, at this very muddy Easter Carnon Downs Garden Centre backed meeting. The paddock was a quagmire but strangely enough, the rain kept the track reasonably mud-free and there was some grip off the line. Certainly enough for Roy Bray’s Escort Cosworth to take FTD with 22.18, over a second quicker than Jonathon Williamson with the tail-squatting Porsche.

A tremendous amount of work in the weeks prior to the event, by a few club members, had ensured that the hill could be used even with heavy rain falling all day. It was the sort of day that reminded me why I had become a commentator....

Mark Shillaber’s Fiesta swept the Minis away with the rainwater in the small road car section, while Doug Bennett showed his mastery of Tregrehan in the next group. It was no surprise that John Meredith took the unlimited street-legal class with the Sapphire Cosworth and neither was it a surprise to see Jo Bigger wipe the floor with the opposition in the amalgamated road sports car group. She was some two seconds quicker that her nearest rival, Dilwyn Lloyd, thus proving, as most of us knew, to Jo, wet or dry, it makes no difference.

John Turpin's Porsche helped him to a much-welcomed class win while Trevor Norman lead the way in the small engined modified saloons.  There were class wins too for Jeff Gordon, Basil Pitt (Datalinski sports racer) and Peter Flamank in his very tidy RBK.  The final class of the day as a close run thing between the mud covered mounts of Simon Ashley and Mike Lee.  Simon had a slight edge on the first run and while he improved slightly second time up, Mike took the scenic route and was unable to match the Royale driver.
FTD  Roy Bray  2.0 Ford Escort Cosworth 
Class Winnners
Mark Shillaber  1.4 Ford Fiesta 
Doug Bennett  1.8 Ford Escort 
John Meredith  2.0 Sierra Cosworth 
JoAnn Bigger  1.8 Lotus Elan S3 
John Turpin  3.0 Porsche 911 Carrera 
Trevor Norman  1.3 Vauxhall Astra 
Jeff Gordon  1.4 Cox GTM 
Jonathan Williamson  3.2 Porsche 911 Carrera 
Basil Pitt  1.6 Datalinski/Ford 
Peter Flamank  1.0 RBK 
Simon Ashley  1.6 Royale/Ford 

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